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Monday, January 19, 2009

Crilance Media Sharing & Social Network Platform

Crilance Media Sharing & Social Network Platform is introducing a totally different approach to video, audio and photo sharing, Crilance is a new development based on original implementation not yet another clone of clipshare and the other thousand copy cat solutions out there.

The platform is based on a three years of assiduous work and bug fixing. The main concept this code is created as is that each client that needs something new integrated will have to contribute to the whole platform by not asking for full rights. This is how the whole thing grew so far.

Due to my own interest in making the application "rule", I added a lot of stuff without being sponsored by a interested party. I am still developing on it. Despite the initial start as a simple video share not much different than competition and mainly looking up to YouTube for features, Crilance now became a product by itself. Here are the main modules that can be enabled at any time by a simple edit in the administration area:

-Homepage: highly customizable, presenting main interests of the site

-Media: videos, audios, photos, very soon all kind of documents presented as flash swf.

-Category: (unlimited level deepness) overview with uploaded thumbnail or random thumbnails selection from containing media. There are also another classification modes: genre, section, members, only etc

-Events: (group related media along with a story) complete system that can be used either as event module, news, story or any type of information that consist of title description, key points, and content, based either on a calendar or single date that can also present media as attachment with comment option and related events feature

-Contests: media can be entered in contests that select the winner depending on few criteria: top voted, most view, first joined, applied in this order.

-Classified: users can post media enhanced ads for sale or simply for advertising something. This module can also act as a job board where others can bid for whatever is posted either to buy or to get paid by executing the job requested.

-ASK!: Questions module where users can post their queries, other users can respond and poster is able to select the winner. At will this can be based on points, poster can be charged for right answer etc

- Community: entering page to a wide area of Social Network specific modules:

-Profiles: people browsing page to find other community members and most important information about them.

-Channels: fully customizable page by the owners where they can present the most interesting media, comments, events, news etc.

-Groups: (forums/topics) this module handle all the topics community want to open for discussion. Within groups one can open specific threads, add media to it, comment on it. Groups can be fully managed by owner as far as rights to post topics, attach media or join to the group itself.

-Blogs: this module handle a user enabled blog system where anyone can publish in already known blog fashion way.

-Banners: Handle all kind of banner formats adm want to publish, in a very flexible way using admin area, registering important statistic data that helps tracking performance.

-Polls: special module used by admin to post polls for users that help aiming the customization to the right direction dictated by community needs.

-Tickers: small text based announcements rolling on various spots of the pages like a top banner, a scrolling stripe on video player etc. very much like TV top or bottom tickers.

-Donations: User create some sort of donation buttons attached to their media where viewers can user to donate to whoever the media owner specified in the button.

-Messaging: there is a inbox system and a live chat implementation to help users keeping in touch with each other.

-Advanced admin CP: control anything posted, uploaded or edited on the site.

-Ajax: there is a complex library for ajax I implemented that let me update virtually anything within a page without reloading the while thing. This applies to many pages like channels, profiles, comment posting etc.

On all this modules there is a huge list of features implemented to enrich the user experience:
-Ajax loading
-Quick search/advanced search
-Item filtering directly by clicking specific information in the page: a date, a category, a genre etc
-Item sorting working as a layered system where you can set one sort option then on top of that another sort and so forth: sort by date, then same date items, sort again by title etc.
-Item Pagination with option to choose how many entries to show per page
-Language manager where admin can either rephrase default English or move the whole site on another language/country
-Smarty template engine behind to make adding a new layout a kids play, for anyone with elementary html training.
-Modular built, easy to enhance
-Real time progress bar on media upload.
-User adsense: a user can put own google adsense code in the media watch page and get paid.
-Several modes to put content on server: upload, embed, ftp fetch
-FTP distribution on multi-servers.
-PayPal integration for all kind of subscriptions defined by admin
-Tons of small features to enhance the experience

I offer full service related to the project except buying the server:)
-Server installation with all codecs, converters, php version etc (we need a dedicated server with root rights)
-Site concept design, template integration, application setup on end server
-Beta support for few months, you will see we don't need more than one.
-Upgrades when available, fixes whenever there is any spotted bug, no time limitation.